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Billing Example
Contact Information Total service charges and taxes for the month Total of 911 Service Charge, Arkansas High Cost Fund, Federal Universal Service Charge, Arkansas Relay and Lifeline Charges, as well as any late fees, each charge listed and explained below Total bill amount due for the month Charge ordered by the FCC so that residential and business customers more directly contribute to communications costs Charge authorized by the FCC to assist in recovering a portion of the cost of providing access to the telephone network charge for local telephone service for the month total of above charges which are regulated by the arkansas public service commission total charges for services such as internet, long distance, etc. that are not regulated by the arkansas public service commission or the fcc federal excise tax established by us congress & collected by the irs as part of the general tax revenue established by the ar general assembly, part of the general tax revenue that is collected by the dept. of finance and administration tax imposed by local government tax instituted based on voter approval, collected by the state and distributed monthly to the county fee imposed by local government charge imposed by local government and distributed to the county to operate the 911 emergency call center charge to help support 911 and ensure telephone rates are affordable and services are comparable for everyone, whether in a rural or urban area established by the fcc to promote telecommunications service nationwide per congress to assist schools, libraries, rural areas, low-income citizens, etc. arkansas relay charge - charge that provides those who are hearing impaired or speech impaired the opportunity to talk to others using special equipment arkansas relay eq - program that purchases & distributes specialized telecommunications equipment to allow citizens who are deemed to be speech impaired, hard of hearing, deaf, or deaf and blind access to public telecommunication services lifeline - program established by the federal government to offer a discount on telephone service for qualified low-income citizens total of the various surcharges listed in this section