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Summer is nearly upon us, and we're excited for Arkansas to safely start getting back to normal and back to business. We want to help you celebrate with free promotional graphics and a free "We AR Open" window cling for your storefront!

When NATCO's team developed the "We AR Open" graphics for internal use, we immediately recognized that other Arkansas businesses and organizations could use the same type of materials to celebrate their businesses safely reopening and returning to normal.

We are excited to share the "We AR Open" materials as a natural extension of NATCO's ongoing community commitment to improve economic opportunities throughout our service area and within the State of Arkansas.

Please feel free to celebrate getting back to business using the free images below - appropriate for window signage, social media posts, print ads, and more!

Download and use as many images as you wish. We simply ask that you, please:

  1. Do not alter the images in any way.
  2. Use the following attribution with the image:
    "Image courtesy of NATCO, Inc. Download at natconet.com/weARopen."
  3. Let us know how and where you will be using the images by completing the form on this page. Get your FREE window cling when you register.
  4. Use the social media hashtag #weARopen in conjunction with the images.


Please tell us how you plan to use the free "We AR Open" graphics to promote your business or organization.

The information you provide will allow NATCO to better understand the impact and reach of this campaign across the State and will not be shared with outside parties.

Get your FREE window cling when you register.

Thank you!

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For more information or questions regarding image use, please contact Kayla Stafford at NATCO, Inc.

800.775.6682 | email

Personal and/or commercial use is granted free of charge with use of the following attribution: "Image courtesy of NATCO, Inc. Download at natconet.com/weARopen." Image use is defined by Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 license. Alterations and/or revisions to the image are prohibited.

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